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Corporate mission

To become a leader in the development of fine differentiation of supply chain.

Enterprise vision

Supply chain management helps the market to differentiate and develop.

Corporate culture

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Customer demand, our mission

——————————— Corporate Strategy ———————————

Create value by heart, customer demand, our mission
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——————————— ABOUT US ———————————
The leader of the development of semiconductor supply chain

YHG international logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Dedicated to the semiconductor industry enterprise logistics supply chain, dedicated to the semiconductor industry to provide a full range of logistics services and warehousing services.

Headquarters is located in Shanghai hongkou district monastery building, now our company business development distribution of the world's 95 countries and regions, China has four large area, nearly hundred points, subsidiaries and more than 100 logistics network, network radiation all over the world.

The vertical integration of the service chain marketing mode enables our company to have a leading edge in the fields of air, sea, land import and export transportation, logistics park and warehousing and logistics.

Relying on abundant cargo transportation, onshore resources, the overall strength of overseas organizations, extending and improving logistics supply chain management, win the trust of customers with its unique project management and service.
Company brand

                      HKAIR logistics Co., Ltd.
                      Shenzhen YHG international logistics Co., Ltd.
                      Hong Kong yuanhang logistics Co., Ltd.
                      YHG Wuxi branch
                      YHG Hefei branch
                      YHG Ningbo branch
                      YHG Chendu branch
                      YHG Nanjing branch
                      YHG Xian branch
                      YHG Beijing branch
                      YHG Xiamen branch
                      YHG Wuhan branch
                      YHG Shandong branch
                      YHG Taiwan branch
                      YHG Japan branch
                      YHG Korea branch
                      YHG American branch
                      YHG Malaysia branch
                      YHG Singapore branch
HKAIR logistics Co., Ltd.

It covers an area of 5,000 square meters, and can carry out basic business such as unpacking, lashing, slapping, dismantling, storage, vacuuming, local delivery, etc. It can also import and export customs declaration, pick up goods and arrange import and export operations.

Company address: full floor, 16 / f, watsons centre, 16-22 industrial street, kwai chung, New Territories, Hong Kong.
Shenzhen YHG international logistics Co., Ltd.

Covering an area of 8000 square meters, we can carry out the business of unpacking, lashing, slacking, dismantling, storage, vacuum, local delivery, etc., and have more medium and medium car business, providing supporting services to and from Hong Kong.

Company address: 2 / f, building A, huashang science and technology park, 9 tongfu road, fuyong town, shenzhen city.

Hong Kong YHG international logistics Co., Ltd.

With 800 square meters of office space and 1,500 square meters of storage space, it provides warehousing services for logistics park, air transportation and land transportation in east China.

Company address: no. 299, quyang road, hongkou district, Shanghai, 18F, baolian building.
No. 299, Quyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, 18F, Baolian Building   TEL:86-21-56319869