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Air Transport
Air transport is the basic business of Xiangyuan. Its products rely on the intensive international routes of Hong Kong Airport, Shenzhen Airport, Guangzhou Airport, Shanghai Airport, Beijing Airport and so on. With more than 40 large airlines at home and abroad to establish direct cooperation, with efficient transshipment capacity. The worldwide freight forwarding network extends our services to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, providing customers with timely, efficient, safe and professional air cargo services.
Warehousing Service
Hong Kong Air Logistics has many years of operating experience in bonded business. With Hong Kong and Shanghai as the center, Beijing, southern Jiangsu, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Taiwan as the basis, the establishment of logistics and warehousing services covering North, East, South, Coastal, Central and Southeast Asia, providing bonded warehousing and supervision of transportation for customers, Customs clearance services, simple processing, simple packaging, distribution, tally, labelling, bar code and other one-stop logistics services.
Imports and Exports
As a class A customs property control enterprise to enjoy the priority of inspection business, to provide customers with rapid inspection services, import and export orders / examiners with rich experience, for major customers set up a special customs declaration team to carry out services, We have a good relationship with the customs and a high quality professional customs clearance team to provide emergency customs clearance services, customs clearance first release and customs pre-declaration and other services, such as customer demand for urgent customs clearance, we have a good relationship with the customs and high-quality professional customs clearance team to provide emergency customs clearance services.
Bonded Logistics Park
Waigaoqiao and other bonded logistics warehouses can provide full bonded logistics services to customers with bonded requirements. By using their own customs declaration bank and good relationship with customs, they can quickly complete one-day tour in the comprehensive insurance area to save customers' costs Shorten aging.
China Hong Kong vehicle transport
Shenzhen Warehouse ←→ Hong Kong Warehouse,We have own 20 container trucks, each loaded with GPSs, can effectively track and control the transportation of vehicles in real time, and provide safe and efficient transportation services. Hong Kong distribution warehouse area 5000 square meters; Shenzhen distribution warehouse area 8000 square meters; goods storage, transit, distribution, transportation services.
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Engaged in air transportation, import and export, warehousing, logistics park, insurance declaration, sea transport, land transportation and other related domestic and international semiconductor products logistics supply chain and provide comprehensive logistics and warehousing services for the semiconductor industry.
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